Personality Type and Persuasive Strategies in Writing of Junior High School Students

  • Richard M. Banez Batangas State University JPLPC-Malvar, Philippines
  • Bryan M. Mendoza Batangas State University JPLPC-Malvar, Philippines
  • Annielyn C. Reondanga Batangas State University JPLPC-Malvar, Philippines
  • Maila O. Villanueva Batangas State University JPLPC-Malvar, Philippines
Keywords: education, English writing, persuasive strategy, personality type


Workplace demands professionals with desirable personalities and influential persuasive ability. This research determined the personality type and persuasive strategies employed by Grade 9 students of San Pedro National High School, Philippines. It aimed to find its implication to the teaching of K to 12 English and persuasive writing. Using descriptive method and utilizing questionnaire as the principal tool for gathering data, the results revealed that majority of the respondents are female, had an Approaching Proficiency General Weighted Average GWA and are in the middle income. Also, both traits of extroversion and introversion are dominant among the respondents with extroversion as the more dominant. It was also revealed that significant difference exists between the persuasive strategies of the respondents when grouped according to their personality type. The study recommends a Personality Inventory Test to be distributed at the beginning of school year. Also, the research calls for inclusion of persuasive writing in K to 12 English instruction and providing students with real-based and consistent activities which can enhance their persuasive skills. Informative colloquiums dealing with personality and persuasive strategies awareness are also encouraged to hone not just personality-oriented students but also persuasive individuals required in the competitive real-life arena.

Difference between the Persuasive Strategies of the Respondents when grouped according to their Personality Type