International Educational Research 2023-07-24T19:16:45+08:00 Adan Williams Open Journal Systems <p>International Educational Research (IER)&nbsp;is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal, which is published by <span lang="EN-US">IDEAS SPREAD INC</span>&nbsp;in both print and online versions. The online version is free to access and download. The journal publishes original research papers, case reports, and review articles. The journal encourages submission in but not limited to subjects of Education method, education policy and education development; Educational technology and educational psychology; Special education and cross-cultural education; Educational leadership, educational administration and educational evaluation; Training, teaching and learning, Language education.</p> Bridging the Gap Between Experience-Based Knowledge and the Scientific Knowledge 2023-05-01T14:04:24+08:00 Hilde Ervik Alex Strømme <p>The context for this study was to document fishers’ experience-based knowledge is reliable and can be included in citizen science as supplementary information to scientific research. Fishers’ experience-based knowledge contributes to important understanding of the environment and the marine ecosystem. Hence, fishers’ knowledge over time is not always regarded as supplementary knowledge. There is a lack of information on how fishers have acquired reliable knowledge when they have not had formal scientific education and in what way fishers’ knowledge can be used as empirical data. In this study, a survey was conducted by scientific educator within the fishing community of Mausund in Norway. The survey was limited to specifically targeting fishers' knowledge of the migration pattern of the edible crab (<em>Cancer pagurus</em>) in Sulfjorden, Mausund and Frohavet. This study performs in-depth interviews with five fishers at Mausund. The experience-based knowledge acquired by these fishers is first and foremost learnt through intergenerational learning from fathers, grandfathers, and uncles to sons.&nbsp; The study supports existing research on fishers’ experience-based knowledge, which is professional and very precise. Experience-based and local knowledge can be understood as a knowledge contribution of value to the research field of environment monitoring.</p> 2023-05-01T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Beyond Teaching and Learning - Rethinking Academic Development in Relation to Quality Enhancement 2023-06-13T10:58:03+08:00 Åse Nygren Jeanette Sjöberg <p class="text"><span lang="EN-US">Higher education (HE) today is a diversified area which has grown expansively in response to a rapidly changing educational and political climate over the past decades. In this age of complexity, development and change are omnipresent and intrinsic parts of the university teacher’s practice, from the development of the teachers’ individual practice at micro-level to the collaborative development of scholarly practice at the meso-level of the department and to the strategic institutional approach at macro-level, which links to employment and promotion frameworks and the recognition of teaching quality. As requirements for pedagogical competence have been built into career structures and criteria for promotion, academic developers have become central to the implementation of these strategies. This development goes hand in hand with the shift in focus from quality assurance to quality enhancement, which has extended the range of professional activities for academic developers. The allowing of the universities to develop their own quality assurance systems, signals a heightened awareness of the importance of ownership and the possibility of influencing quality processes, which in turn relates to national governance strategies of teaching and learning. As the changing educational and political demands on higher education have deeply affected the professional activities of the academic developer and the academic teacher, this article addresses the changes and challenges faced. The aim is to discuss these implications particularly for academic development in this diversified context and to contribute with further knowledge and understanding of structural and organizational prerequisites for the advancement of teaching in higher education.</span></p> 2023-06-12T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Philosophy of Islamic education Based on Moderation Diversity in Indonesia 2023-06-13T19:49:48+08:00 Akrim Akrim <p class="text"><span lang="EN-US">Diversity is an essential condition that cannot be avoided in society. Religion has advantages and disadvantages. This study aims to describe the role of Islamic education philosophy based on the diversity that exists in Indonesia. There are three critical questions in this research that will be answered, namely, about the concept of Islamic education philosophy, the idea of moderation in Indonesia, and the implementation of the moderation philosophy of Islamic education in Indonesia. This research is a literature study and a theoretical study. Sources of data are based on primary data derived from existing theories and also from the results of research that has been carried out. Using a content analysis approach to explain how Islamic religious education is, the efficacy of moderation in Indonesia, and the three implementations of the philosophy of moderation based on Islamic Education in Indonesia, the research findings conclude that there are three concepts. The first is Islamic philosophy. Second education, from the idea of moderation in Indonesia and its implementation. The three Islamic religious education in Indonesia is based on moderation. The results of this study have many shortcomings, especially from data filing and data analysis, which have an impact on the conclusions found. Subsequent research can be carried out to complement and refine the results of this study. </span></p> 2023-06-13T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## How is Teachers’ Relational Competence Manifested in Online Higher Education Contexts? 2023-06-22T17:37:39+08:00 Cecilia Segerby Jonas Aspelin <p>Research shows that the teacher-student relationship is a critical factor in students’ learning and development in both traditional and online classrooms. However, research on teachers’ relational competence in online higher education contexts is scarce. The present exploratory study aims to identify manifestations of teachers’ relational competence in such contexts, focusing on teaching in ongoing interactions. Data were collected from three online seminars conducted during year two of special-education teacher training through a university in Sweden; approximately eight hours of video-recorded material was collected. The findings indicate that the teachers’ relational competence is manifested in practice along five main themes: open-ended questions, respectful responses, personal connection, social framing, and humor. We propose that these five themes are important to acknowledge regarding teacher-student relationships in online teaching in higher education. On a more comprehensive level, the article suggests that teachers’ relational competence is an important feature in this educational context also. The results are discussed in light of previous research. Overall, the study contributes by outlining how teachers’ relational competence is manifested in ongoing interactions in pedagogical practice online. Implications for practice and further research are then discussed.</p> 2023-06-22T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The new Norwegian curriculum and integration of knowledge in textbooks in social studies: a comparative study 2023-07-18T12:46:03+08:00 Erik Bratland Mohamed El Ghami <p>The new Norwegian curriculum subject renewal is part of an international trend with a shift towards more knowledge-based curriculum, with greater emphasis on subjects and subject concepts, with the aim of realizing in-depth learning in schools. This paper, which is grounded on social realism and Ratas' CDC model, examines, and compares the design of the curriculum and the new textbooks in social studies. The comparative study reveals a gap between the curriculum and the textbooks, with quite different interpretations of the Norwegian curriculum reform. The paper explains why coherence design, which connects subject concepts, content knowledge and competencies, is a prerequisite for in-depth learning in social studies.</p> 2023-07-17T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Status of the French Language in North Africa 2023-07-24T19:16:45+08:00 Nassima Kerras <p class="text"><span lang="EN-US">This study focuses on the current linguistic situation in certain North African countries and the changing status of the French language during this last year due to ideas proposed to favor the English language (Erling, 2021). First of all, the study analyses the linguistic situation of three countries, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Then, it discusses the hypothesis and the evolution of the French language in the aforementioned countries. Following that, the methodology is explained. It uses a qualitative approach that is based on the observation to reach appropriate conclusions. The next section examines the status that the French language has in the three mentioned countries to compare it with the previous year (2022). This is according to the information from the summit of <em>Francophonie</em> in Djerba (Kasri, 2022). Finally, the challenges required to improve the situation are reflected upon and relevant conclusions are presented. </span></p> 2023-07-24T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##