Attitudes of Teachers Who Implement School Mediation Programmes

A Case Study

  • Konstantinos Karakiozis Youth Counseling Station of Western Attica, Greece
  • Evangelos C. Papakitsos Secondary Education Directorate of Western Attica, Greece
Keywords: school mediation, peer mediation, school climate


School mediation (or peer mediation) is an effective practice for resolving student-centered conflicts in the school context. According to the results of this qualitative research conducted at Secondary Education Schools of Western Attica (Greece), an area with particular social characteristics, school mediation programmes are a dynamic process and can contribute to: teamwork, communication and activation of students, changing attitudes and behaviors as well as inclusion of students with behavioral problems. These results are achieved despite the heterogeneity of the education programme followed and the heterogeneity of the population attending them. Under no circumstances, however, the implementation of a school mediation programme can be considered a panacea. On the contrary, it is proposed to be accompanied by other actions that will promote a different management spirit of the school and will improve the school climate.

Teachers’ Views on Changing Student Attitudes Through Mediation