Human Indifference Towards Suffering of Others Depicted in 'Morning at the Window' by Yeats & 'Musee des Art' by Auden

  • Mohamed Jabraddar Mahil Abdallah Nothern Border University, Faculty of Education & Arts, Department of Languages & Translation
Keywords: social issues in poetry, human suffering in poetry, human indifference in poetry


The current study has sought to examine human suffering as depicted in 'Morning at the Window', by W.B. Yeats and 'Musee des Beaux Art', by W. H. Auden. It has also attempted to investigate how humans are incurious and unenthusiastic to man's serious problems and disasters. In order to achieve the aims of this study, the two poems under investigation were, quantitatively, analyzed. The expressions, in the two poems, which indicate that human are indifferent and lukewarm to human serious problems and disasters; were focused and investigated. The findings of the study showed that the poems, investigated in this study, shed light on human suffering. They also displayed that humans are incurious and unenthusiastic to man serious problems and disasters. Moreover, they show an insensitive and cruel disregard for others. The study recommends that future researches and studies should be conducted on other forms of literary genres other than poetry. Besides, examining other social issues that of great importance to humanity, for literature is regarded as the mirror which reflects human life in all its aspects.


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