Going to the Root

Paving the Way to Reconstruct the Language of Homo-Sapiens

  • Evangelos C. Papakitsos School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Greece
  • Ioannis K. Kenanidis Primary Education Directorate of Kavala, Greece
Keywords: monogenesis, language reconstruction, Proto-Sapiens, comparative linguistics, Qualitative Inquiry


This paper presents an attempt to reconstruct the most basic features of the language of Homo Sapiens, following the principle of monogenesis, namely the viewpoint that since humans share a common biological ancestry, they also share a common linguistic one. Considering this issue, the basic methods of comparative linguistics are briefly presented first, along with the methodological approach utilized herein, named Qualitative Inquiry. The results of the reconstructing process are presented, classified in terms of phonological, morphological, lexical, grammatical and syntactic aspects. Only bordering to the scope of this paper, a brief comparison of this treatise to previous studies reveals both convergence and discrepancy concerning the features of the language.

The (non-liquid) consonants of Proto-Sapiens