Senior High School Teachers’ Perceived Level of Communication Skills and Teaching Performance

  • Chelou M. Tizon Department of Education, Philippines
Keywords: communicative situations, listening skills, reading skills, speaking skills, writing skills


Teachers handling subjects in English medium can help learners’ develop English communicative competence if they themselves possess a high level of communication skills in the language. In this study, Division of Ozamiz City’s senior high school teachers’ perceived level of communication skills in English, teachers’ teaching performance in developing learners’ communicative competence, and the correlation between the two were explored. The quantitative research approach was utilized by collecting data from 75 senior high school teachers, ten school heads, and 356 learners using researcher-made instruments that passed the validity and reliability tests. Data were analysed through descriptive-correlational research design using mean and standard deviation and Pearson r- Pearson product-moment correlation. In this study, it is found out that teachers perceived themselves to be superior in terms of their English communication skills while school heads and learners perceived them to be outstanding in their teaching performance. Results also revealed that teachers’ communication skills and teaching performance have no significant relationship. It is recommended that teachers be provided by school heads with opportunities to sustain their superior level of communication skills and outstanding teaching performance. More attention should be given to teachers’ writing skills and being initiators of communicative situations as these two constructs received the lowest rating from the respondents.


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