Effect of Different Durations of Water-Logging at Different Growth Stages on Seed Yield of Sesame

  • M. H. Ali Agricultural Engineering Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Bangladesh
Keywords: sesame, water-logging, rainfall, growth stage, yield reduction


In Bangladesh, sesame suffers from water-logging during its growing period. Multi-year and multi-location field trials were carried out to study the effect of different durations of water-logging at different growth stages on seed yield of sesame. From two years results, it is revealed that the effects of water-logging during a particular growth stage or particular duration of water-logging on seed yield depends on pre- and/or post water-logging from the rainfall. Differential effects of the cultivars were also observed. The cultivar Binatil-2 and Binatil-3 showed reasonable seed yield under water-logging at flowering and mid pod-formation stages for 24 to36 hours.

Map of Bangladesh showing the experimental sites (• Black marked)