A Systemic Model Proposed for the Management of Local Environmental Education, Awareness and Protection

A Case Study

  • Evangelos C. Papakitsos Secondary Education Directorate of Western Attica, Greece
  • Anastasios Mavrakis Environmental Education, Secondary Education Directorate of Western Attica, Greece
Keywords: environmental science, environmental awareness, Systems Inquiry, Systems Methodology


The present study proposes a systemic model for the operation of small local environmental centers, as a key factor for the implementation of environmental policies that are close to local communities. The presentation and analysis of the required activities of local environmental organizations and the duties of their staff highlights their complex and demanding multidisciplinary character. The consequent necessity to optimize their operation, in order to respond more holistically and effectively to their complex mission, has been the motivation for the present study, proposing a planned operation based on techniques from Systems Science.

The basic block diagram of OMAS-III