Humanities and Social Science Research 2021-12-27T21:17:55+08:00 Leon Cliff Open Journal Systems <p>Humanities and Social Science Research (HSSR) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal published by <span lang="EN-US">IDEAS SPREAD INC</span>. The journal focuses on the following topics: Anthropology, Sociology, Politics, Culture, Philosophy, Economics, Education, Management, Arts, Psychology, Archaeology, Classics, History, Linguistics and Languages, Law and Politics, Literature, Philosophy, Religion. <br>It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the field. The journal carries original and full-length articles that reflect the latest research and developments in both theoretical and practical aspects of society and human behaviors. The journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version is free access and download.</p> A Psychological Reading of Husband-Wife Relationship in Death of a Salesman 2021-10-25T09:26:03+08:00 Xiao Chang Taehyung Kim <p><em>Death of a Salesman </em>written by Arthur Miller premiered in 1949 to critical acclaim and commercial success. Scholars have been paying attention to research on the female characters, the protagonist from the psychological perspective and father-son relationship, none of these works deals with the husband-wife relationship in <em>Death of a Salesman</em> from a psychological aspect.The paper will examine the family competences of Linda and Willy, dissecting the husband-wife relationship combing the psychological motivation. In the first section, through psychological rejuvenation, Linda embodies a natural force of vigor that infuses in Willy the power of warmth. In the psychological interpretation of <em>Death of a Salesman,</em> the relationship between Willy and Linda formed a sharp contrast between psychological pressure and purifying salvation. Willy suffered from relational anxiety, fearful stress, repressive daily, the loss of body, which brought disaster to his wife, Linda, his sons, Biff and Happy. For this reason, the play arranged a comforting character, his wife, Linda, to contrast the relationship between the couple. Concerning the suppressive daily, Willy’s stubborn personality is linked with frustration and depression in pursuing fantasy; his wife, Linda, gives him warm comfort for his empty dreams with her kindness, love, and above all, intelligence. In the case of his sons, Biff and Happy, especially Biff, on whom Willy places high expectations, Linda saved Willy from the relational tension through her pure nature when the sons frustrate Willy; Linda supports Willy and solves the arguments between Willy and sons to ease the tension. When Willy is faced with an unbearable blow from his job, Linda gives him advice on how to solve problems, such as when Willy loses his job, and the wife advises him to understand the boss and how to deal with the problem. The loneness from family and work also leads Willy to have affairs with an unknown woman; Linda tolerates everything and invisibly reminds Willy. It can be said that the relationship between the wife and her husband is a relationship of dependency, the wife attached to her husband in life and emotion.</p> 2021-10-24T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Academia as an Incubator of Oppression and Violence: A Closer Look at Academic Mobbing and Bullying Offline and Online 2021-11-05T07:21:45+08:00 Constance Iloh <p>Academic mobbing, bullying, and cyberbullying are pervasive and interconnected harms in academe with scarce conversation and intervention devoted to them. The author discusses what these phenomena are and asserts academia and its institutions are incubators of oppression and violence as well as protectors of these abuses. The text illustrates some of the destructive consequences for targets of these attacks, refuting other conceptualizations that downplay the severity of academic mobbing and bullying. The author also contends that understanding of academic mobbing and bullying must be multimodal and extend to cyberspace. The text concludes with how both gross negligence and the illusion of the academy as a just exemplar sustains these harms.</p> 2021-11-05T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Entrepreneurial Values, Cognitive Attitude toward Business and Business Behavioural Intention of ABM Grade 12 and Fourth-Year Business Management Students: A Comparative Study 2021-12-04T09:14:17+08:00 Damianus Abun Theogenia Magallanes Frelyn, B. Ranay Nimfa C. Catbagan Rodelyn, J. Calairo <p class="text"><span lang="EN-US">The study aimed to determine the difference in entrepreneurial values, cognitive attitude toward business, the business intention between ABM grade XII and the fourth-year college students of business management course. It also seeks to find out the effect of entrepreneurial values, cognitive attitude toward the business behavioral intention. The study found that entrepreneurial values, cognitive attitude toward business, and business intention of students are high and it further found that there is no significant difference between entrepreneurial values, cognitive attitude toward business, the business intention of ABM grade XII students, and the fourth – year college students of business management course. Thus, the hypothesis is rejected. It also found that there is a significant correlation between entrepreneurial values, cognitive attitude toward the business, and business behavioral intention. Therefore, the hypothesis is accepted. </span></p> 2021-12-03T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Treatises Named after the Prophet Muhammad ("Great Manshur and "Little Manshur") in Medieval Armenian Bibliography 2021-12-23T23:51:39+08:00 Gayane Mkrtumyan <p>The present article discusses the treaties known in the Armenian medieval bibliography by the name of the Prophet Mohammad ("Great" Manshur and "Little Manshur”). It is pointed out that the above-mentioned treaties were given to the Armenians during the Arab invasions in Armenia at the end of the 7th century and at the beginning of the 8th century, but they are considered in the context of the tradition of different treaties named after the Prophet Muhammad given to the Armenians and other Christian nations. In the following centuries, the terms of the above-mentioned treaties were laid down as a basis in similar covenants in the name of the Prophet Muhammad, with the new privilege - expecting the Muslim authorities to protect their rights from possible encroachments.</p> 2021-12-23T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mental Health Perceptions from Artwork 2021-12-27T21:17:55+08:00 Alexei Sammut Paulann Grech Michael Galea Margaret Mangion Josianne Scerri <p>The relationship between artwork and mental health has been the subject of various research endeavours. Whilst artwork has been long used as a means of emotional expression, it is also a method of raising mental health awareness. In this study, an art collection was presented to depict the challenges faced by many individuals living with a mental illness. Through a series of open-ended questions, twenty-nine participants were requested to give a title to each piece and to describe the perceived message and emotions related to each painting. The thematic analysis process of the participants’ descriptions led to the identification of three themes, namely those of Darkness, Solitude and Recovery. Whilst congruence was often observed between the participants themselves and between the viewers and the artist, discrepancies were also noted. Artwork can be an important medium in addressing stigma and in guiding reflections on mental health topics.</p> 2021-12-23T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##