The Effect of Fertigation and Foliar Application of Seaweed’s Bio Stimulant on Banana Yield

  • Edouard Tabet CRFA: Centre de Recherche et Formation Agricole, Lebanese University, Lebanon; Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Lebanese University, Lebanon
  • Reem Al-Haf Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Lebanese University, Lebanon
  • Chadi Hosri Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Lebanese University, Lebanon
  • Zahi Zind Van Iperen International B V, WESTMAAS, Netherlands
  • Lina Farah CRFA: Centre de Recherche et Formation Agricole, Lebanese University, Lebanon
  • Dalida Darazy Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Lebanese University, Lebanon
Keywords: Ascophyllum nodosum (L.), bio stimulant, banana, yield


In order to shed light on the effect of the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum (L.) bio stimulant on the banana fruit, foliar application (Fo), fertigation(F1) and a mix of both interventions (M) were done during 2018-2019 season on banana plants grown in South Lebanon compared with control (Ctrl). The period between flowering and harvest, the bunch weight, the weight and dimensions of fruit, were measured during the study. The results showed that the shortest period between flowering and harvest was observed on samples treated through foliar application (Fo), less with fertigation and then the mix of both (M). Those treatments were very effective in stimulating the weight of bunch and length of fruit, while a significant increase in the weight of fruit was noticed when both applications were done together (M). All treated modalities showed better performance compared with control. There was no difference in the diameter of fruit between all treatments. Therefore, the application of eco-friendly seaweed-based bio stimulant would be beneficial for the time of harvesting, and the size of banana fruits.


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