Design and Testing of an Online Fertilizing Amount Detection Device Based on the Moment Balance Principle

  • Yang Chuan Ke Faculty of Modern Agricultural Engineering,Kunming University of Science and Technology,Kunming ,China
  • Li Jia Nian
  • Wang Xiao Cheng
  • Li Dao Ran
  • Wang Guo Xuan
Keywords: fertilization amount, fertilizer mass flow, mechanical fertilization, moment balance principle, fertilizer guide mechanism, fertilizer discharging mechanism


Based on the principle of moment balance, this paper designs a fertilizer application amount online detection device, which is mainly composed of two major parts: the fertilizer guide mechanism and the fertilizer metering and discharging mechanism.Under the electromagnetic reversing and buffering of the fertilizer guide mechanism, the fertilizer discharged into the device falls alternately into the storage box of the two metering units of the metering and discharging mechanism. Once the gravity of the fertilizer in the storage box is greater than the suction of the electromagnetic sucker, the fertilizer discharging board is automatically opened for fertilizer discharge, and the metering pulse signal is accumulated once. Meanwhile, the fertilizer guide plate is driven by the electromagnetic commutator to reverse the material, and then another storage box is started for fertilizer storage and metering. In this approach, online detection of fertilizer flow can be realized by repeatedly guiding and reversing and metering the incoming fertilizer. According to the single metering fertilizer quality and the number of metering pulse signals, the fertilization amount can be calculated in real-time.The performance of the device was verified by bench test. The test results indicated that: The established fertilizer application detection model is a quadratic function (R2>0.98), and the verification error was less than 3.73% in the detection of alternating cycle fertilizer discharge; the coefficient of determination (R2) and the root mean square error (RMSE) reached 0.992 and 9.858 respectively, indicating high detection accuracy of the device is.


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