The Impact & Innovation of E=K.MC2 in Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG): The Business Strategy to Gain Competitive Advantage

  • Henry Christian ATEK FOODS - Supplier, Indonesia
  • Indra Gamayanto Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
  • Sasono Wibowo Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
  • Yani Parti Astuti Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
Keywords: Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG), IS/IT Planning, E=K.MC2, Innovation, CRM


The environment is one factor that must be maintained and developed its existence because a healthy environment provides enormous benefits to human life. Singapore Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and presents an incredible atmosphere. In this journal, we will develop and provide innovative ideas to the SBG as an idea in developing SBG to a wider direction, not only in SBG but can spread all over the world. Environmental problems that are commonly occurring today, can be overcome by such innovations and by using several methods such as The 7S’s of Galliers & Sutherland and Competing with the giants of the Harvard business review, we will know to what extent SBG has grown and then E = K.MC2 which is an innovative formula which later developed into SBG University (The Idea & Innovation For the future) which is an innovative idea in expanding what has been done by SBG, innovation is needed, not only to retain existing ones, but to be able to give positive contribution which in giving the true meaning of the vision and mission of the company and / or organization that has been established. Innovation should not stop at one point, but it should be able to spread to other points that can make human life much better.

A process of Analyze & Innovations Singapore Botanic Garden