Journal of Economics and Management Sciences 2020-04-06T16:23:23+08:00 Jamie Brown Open Journal Systems <p>Journal of Economics and Management Sciences (JEMS) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal published by IDEAS SPREAD INC. The journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version is free access and download.<br>The journal focuses on the following topics: Corporate Ggovernance, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, E-business, Services, Information Technology Management, Production &amp; Operations Management, Financial Management, Decision Analysis, Management Research Methods and Managerial Economics, etc.</p> Formation of an Innovative Competitiveness Management System of the Enterprise: On the Case of Ukraine's Healthcare 2020-04-06T16:23:23+08:00 Serhii Makarenko Nataliia Oliinyk Vladyslav Danko Yevheniia Kaplina <p>In modern conditions, the priority task for Ukraine is the institutional transformation of the economy, the main purpose of which is to ensure sustainable socio-economic development. The article discusses the theoretical and methodological foundations and develops scientific and practical recommendations for the formation of an innovative competitiveness management system based on the example of healthcare institutions in Ukraine. Based on the analysis, the main characteristics of the innovative development of health care institutions are determined, interaction schemes for participants in the innovation process in the health care system and the mechanism for developing and implementing competitive strategies in the health care institution management system are developed. The calculation of the integral indicator of assessing the effectiveness of the use of labor resources as the most important component of assessing the level of competitiveness of an enterprise.</p> 2020-01-21T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Educational Leadership Effectiveness. Is it a Matter of a Leader’s Characteristics, Behaviors, or Leadership Style? 2020-04-06T16:23:22+08:00 Andreas Dimopoulos <p>Leadership in education has been examined in depth until nowadays regarding among others the most common models of leadership, the personal characteristics and profile of charismatic leaders, the principal leadership style and behavior. Notwithstanding, to the best of our knowledge so far, there is space for additional examination as far as for educational leadership effectiveness regarding these factors. This study aims to investigate the outcomes of educational leadership considering the most important components of leadership which are the leader characteristics’, behaviors’ and the most common exercised styles. Furthermore, a purpose of this study is to explore interconnections and correlations among leader characteristics’, behaviors, leadership styles and effectiveness. According to literature review, there is no clear answer in the question of which one component among leadership styles’, personal characteristics’ and behaviors’ is more significant and contribute more to leadership effectiveness. Research has shown that all these elements are fundamental and are considered all important for educational effectiveness. It is also argued that there is a strong interconnection between them as individual parts in an integrated system, which each one separately has its relative influence in educational leadership effectiveness. Also, there is a broad tendency for agreement according to which educational leadership effectiveness depends on many other factors apart from characteristics’, styles and behaviors’, such as timing, special conditions, legislation, personnel qualifications, expected outcomes’ importance, facilities and many others. Apart from these independent factors it is worth to mention that different leadership styles have different positive or negative outcomes to different stake holders. Therefore, it is hard to isolate and to define which of those components are more significant for leadership effectiveness.</p> 2020-02-22T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Founders' Education and SME Performance in Kosovo 2020-04-06T16:23:22+08:00 Njomza Latifi-Mustafa Ymer Havolli <p>This research deals with the professional preparation of the founders of the SME sector in Kosovo, and also aims to present the state of abilities and skills of the founders of SMEs. Also of interest in this research is the analysis of the skills of managers, founders of SMEs, what is their perception regarding the reflection of education in the SME business, namely what is their performance which should be reflected in the success and development of SMEs. The paper therefore aims to analyze the education and reflection of this education on the success of SMEs. Economic and social development in Kosovo, and elsewhere, depends on the success of SME owners and managers. This management structure will be able to move SMEs forward if they have an important factor such as education and experience in the sector where the SME operates. This paper explores the professional background of the founders, the size of the business structure, the experience of the founders in the field where the SME was founded, the age at the time of its establishment, the impact of technology.</p> 2020-03-14T00:00:00+08:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##