Evaluating the Impact of Microfinance at the Individual Level in Albania, Particularly in the Region of Vlora and Fier

  • Oltiana Muharremi University of Vlora, Albania
  • Edlira Luҫi University of Tirana, Albania
  • Filloreta Madani University of Vlora
  • Erald Pelari University of Vlora, Albania
Keywords: Microfinance, borrower, empowerment, living conditions, income


Microfinance is defined as the provision of financial services such as micro-credit, micro savings, and micro insurance for individuals with low income. Although access to micro credit is seen as a right to have credit, it rather represents a right to development and economic initiatives that could change the borrower’s way of life. The purpose of this article is to examine the impact of microfinance loans in improving the living conditions of borrowers. This study is based on an empirical investigation of 384 structured questionnaires directed at microfinance institutions in the regions of Vlore and Fier, Albania.

The impact of microcredit benefits at the individual level