Assessing the Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Major Supermarkets in Vietnam

  • Cuong Quoc Nguyen FPT University, Viet Nam
  • Truc Doan FPT University, Viet Nam
  • Duy Nguyen FPT University, Viet Nam
Keywords: customer satisfaction, supermarkets, Vietnam, SERVQUAL, Exploratory Factor Analysis


This study attempts to identify the determinants of customer satisfaction in major supermarkets in Vietnam. The sample size includes 250 responses collected by convenient method at supermarkets in Vietnam. The SERVQUAL model is employed and Exploratory Factors Analysis is utilised as research design. The results confirm that customer satisfaction is positively influenced by tangibility, empathy, responsiveness, assurance and reliablity. The strongest determinant of customer satisfaction is responsiveness (β=0.261). From these findings, some recommendations for Vietnamese supermarkets to improve their customer satisfaction were proposed.

Measuring service quality using SERVQUAL model (Kumar et al, 2009)