Travel and Tour Preferences of Millenials

Psychocentric or Allocentric?

  • Romel M. Aceron Batangas State University, Philippines
  • Leny C. Del Mundo Batangas State University, Philippines
  • Anne Sherly N. Restar Batangas State University, Philippines
  • Dianne M. Villanueva Batangas State University, Philippines
Keywords: travel and tour preferences, millennials, psychocenrtic, allocentric, information material guide


The study was conducted to determine the travel and tour preferences of millennials in Batangas State University Malvar Campus. Specifically, the study described the profile of the respondents in terms of sex, age, educational attainment, and occupation; determined the millennials’ travel and tour preferences in terms of service, accommodation, and promotion; and tested if there was a significant relationship on the travel and tour preferences when the respondents were grouped according to their profile through descriptive research method. The respondents were millennials, employees and students at Batangas State University Malvar Campus. The results reveal that majority of the respondent millennials are in age of 18-23 years old; majority are females, majority are high school graduates; and most of them are students. With regard the assessment of respondents’ service, accommodation, and promotion, the study also reveals that the millennial respondents are psychocentric type of travelers. The information material guide as output can be used by the travel and tour agencies, in a form of brochure, leaflet, and flyers that covers the millennial travelers’ preferences.

Travel and Tour Preferences in terms of Promotion