Growth and Prospect of Islamic Finance in Bangladesh

  • Md. Moniruzzaman Stamford University Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Keywords: Islamic finance, growth, prospect, Bangladesh


Though conventional financial system is contributing swiftly to the economic development but the Islamic finance is not lacking behind of it now a days. The Islamic finance industry has emerged as one of the component of a rapid economic growth over the past three decades. Initially the activities of Islamic finance is limited within the country, but at present the growth of Islamic finance are thought globally with an upward trend through the establishment of various Islamic financial institutions with different shareholders. This paper examines insights into the growth and prospect of Islamic finance in Bangladesh. Islamic finance is ruled by Islamic Finance Guidelines which is issued and approved by Central Bank of Bangladesh. This system has its own principles and guidelines which would make the system of choice in meeting specific investment needs. It compares Islamic and conventional finance regard to Efficiency and Profitability, Risk Management, and Sukuk and Conventional Bonds. In Bangladesh, the atmosphere is exclusive because of the existence of Islamic banking sector. But the country has some deficiencies in imposing specific Islamic finance regulations which have been recognized and efforts are being made to solve the problems by the authorities.

Country Share of Global Islamic Banking Assets (2016)