Assessment of the Status and Prospects of Agricultural Communities: Input to Support Commercialization and Farm-Tourism Promotion Schemes

  • Leslie R. Jorge-Acain Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines
Keywords: Farm Tourism, Agricultural Community, Embedded Mixed Method, Central Luzon, Philippines


Capitalizing on the potential of Farm Tourism as a catalyst for community development and an alternative source of income for farmers, the study was conducted to assess the status and challenges faced by agricultural communities in the town of Hermosa, Province of Bataan, Philippines to generate information to evaluate the tourism prospects of its farm sites. The study made use of an embedded mixed-methods design to assess the farms quantitatively and determine the status and challenges in farming as experienced by the farmers. It was revealed that farm sites with the highest potential to be farm tourism destinations bearing scenic landscapes and cultural value are located in upland areas, mostly privately owned ranging from 1 to 4 hectares in size with variable harvest seasons applying the traditional way of farming. Accessibility is subject to the specific area, with minimal access to basic utilities and site facilities but with provisions for development. Emerging themes as to the status and challenges faced by farmers are inadequacy of resources; fluctuating productivity; vulnerability of the quality of produce and profit unpredictability. Farm Communities may work together with the Government to maximize and exhaust their fullest potential to generate alternative sources of livelihood through Tourism while maintaining food security.


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