Cultural Health Moments: A Search Analysis During Times of Heightened Awareness to Identify Potential Interception Points with Digital Health Consumers

  • Gulhan Bizel Data Science Institute, Saint Peter’s University, USA
  • Cecil Parmar Data Science Institute, Saint Peter’s University, USA
  • Kusum Singh Data Science Institute, Saint Peter’s University, USA
  • Supriya Teegala Data Science Institute, Saint Peter’s University, USA
  • Vijay Kumar Reddy Voddi Data Science Institute, Saint Peter’s University, USA
Keywords: health, search analysis, google trends, heightened awareness, digital search, health searches


Year after year whenever someone who is considered “high profile” discovers that they have some sort of sickness or if they pass away due to a sickness, there seems to be a heightened interest in that person. At the same time however, there is a heightened awareness of the type of sickness that the person had. Finding the moments in which there is a heightened sense of awareness towards a specific topic can be something of high value to various agencies and organizations. The objective of this study was to explore the moments in which people start to do some initial search queries when there is a high-profile health moment. Once it is understood when this moment occurs, further research can be done to understand where the search behavior shifts to searches of awareness, signs, symptoms, and introspection over time.


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