Study and Evaluation of the Factors That Determine the Quality of Marketing Education in Higher Education Institutions in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Somaia Osman Mohamed Abdelgadir Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmed Osman Ibrahim Ahmed Business Administration Department, College of Applied Studies and Community Service, Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: higher education institutions, quality of management education, quality of marketing education, outputs of marketing education, quality improvements, marketing education, Saudi Arabia


Objective: The tremendous growth in the preparation of higher education institutions for management – marketing, has resulted in the need for and necessity to discuss the quality of that education. From here, the aim of this research was to determine the factors that affect the quality of management education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to clarify its nature and importance, and the mutual effects on the quality of learning outcomes for marketing education at the individual student and program level, and at the level of the educational institution and its competitiveness.

Design / Methodology: The determination of the factors affecting the quality of management education through a review of the literature and then testing its validity and its effects on the quality of marketing education outcomes at the individual, program, and institution level through practical study using survey lists for the teaching courses of government and private universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Findings: The studies showed that almost all of the factors studied are highly reliable among themselves, and that they must be seen as coherent, when analyzing their impact on the learning outcomes of marketing education.

Applications: The study provided guidance for, administrators, curriculum and course designers, and marketing teachers, to design high-quality marketing-management education programs, and in developing a self-diagnostic tool in which universities can determine their susceptibility to success and competition.

Rooting / value: the current literature has shed light on the factors affecting the quality of management education. However, it was taken separately. Therefore, the research contributes to the existing literature by identifying the interrelationships between these factors, which have a role in improving the quality of marketing education.