Applicability of Reliability Model for Improving the Performance of Islamic Financial Institutions in Financing Decision by Mousharakah and Moudarabah Contracts

  • Abdelkader Derbali Community College, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Islamic finance, performance, decision making, limited rationality, reliability model


To offer alternatives to improve the performance of Islamic financial institutions (IFIs), we try in this paper to examine the applicability of the reliability model, as a tool to help decision. We opted for the investment by Mousharakah contracts and Moudarabah contracts because of their resemblance to venture capital, where the reliability model was mentioned. To do this, we developed a documentary research which allowed us, on the one hand, to dissect the notions of decision and performance and to confirm a possible nexus among the two, and on the other hand, to justify the use of this model. Then, we set up the theoretical framework of the model for a potential application to our case study. Then, and after confirming this relationship, we were interested in the case of investment by the Mousharakah and Moudarabah contracts, given their similarity to other financing methods, namely venture capital, where the reliability model was mentioned as a decision support tool. All in all, we can find that this approach will probably create an investigative implement to aid investment choice and decision for IFIs in the future. The developed model constitutes an analytical decision-making aid tool for Islamic financial institutions in the future for Traders and investors.


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