Infant and Under Five Mortality Rates in Nigeria: An Impact Analysis of Macroeconomic Conditions

  • Rahman Olanrewaju Raji Canterbury International High School, Lekki-Ajah, Nigeria
Keywords: infant mortality rate, under-five mortality rate, macroeconomic condition, fully modified OLS


Over the years, the rising unfriendly macroeconomic environment is a contributing factor to the infant and under-five mortality rate in Nigeria. The study investigated the role of macroeconomic conditions on infant and under-five mortality rates in Nigeria for the period 1986–2017 using the fully modified OLS technique. The results show that the unfriendly macroeconomic policy environment such as the instability of inflation rate, unemployment and exchange rate enhanced the increased level of infant and under-five mortality rate in Nigeria.  The study recommends that the authority should adopt more pro-growth policies that can ensure and maintain sound domestic macroeconomic policies to stem child mortality rate and promote economic growth through investment in food production and related investment in health. Most importantly, macroeconomic policies and institutions are highly needed to be strengthened in order to have a friendly macroeconomic environment which will in turn improve the population health of the country which can enhance sustainable and long term dietary as well as nutritional pattern of young age children and adult.