Advanced Stochastic Optimization Algorithm for Deep Learning Artificial Neural Networks in Banking and Finance Industries

  • Jamilu Auwalu Adamu 118 National Mathematical Centre, Nigeria
Keywords: activation functions, probability distribution, Fat-tail, Jameel’s ANNAF Stochastic Criterion, stocks, Referenced AI-Data Set


One of the objectives of this paper is to incorporate fat-tail effects into, for instance, Sigmoid in order to introduce Transparency and Stability into the existing stochastic Activation Functions. Secondly, according to the available literature reviewed, the existing set of Activation Functions were introduced into the Deep learning Artificial Neural Network through the “Window” not properly through the “Legitimate Door” since they are “Trial and Error “and “Arbitrary Assumptions”, thus, the Author proposed a “Scientific Facts”, “Definite Rules: Jameel’s Stochastic ANNAF Criterion”, and a “Lemma” to substitute not necessarily replace the existing set of stochastic Activation Functions, for instance, the Sigmoid among others. This research is expected to open the “Black-Box” of Deep Learning Artificial Neural networks. The author proposed a new set of advanced optimized fat-tailed Stochastic Activation Functions EMANATED from the AI-ML-Purified Stocks Data  namely; the Log – Logistic (3P) Probability Distribution (1st), Cauchy Probability Distribution (2nd), Pearson 5 (3P) Probability Distribution (3rd), Burr (4P) Probability Distribution (4th), Fatigue Life (3P) Probability Distribution (5th), Inv. Gaussian (3P) Probability Distribution (6th), Dagum (4P) Probability Distribution (7th), and Lognormal (3P) Probability Distribution (8th) for the successful conduct of both Forward and Backward Propagations of Deep Learning Artificial Neural Network. However, this paper did not check the Monotone Differentiability of the proposed distributions. Appendix A, B, and C presented and tested the performances of the stressed Sigmoid and the Optimized Activation Functions using Stocks Data (2014-1991) of Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), Exxon Mobil (XOM), Chevron Corporation (CVX), Honda Motor Corporation (HMC), General Electric (GE), and U.S. Fundamental Macroeconomic Parameters, the results were found fascinating. Thus, guarantee, the first three distributions are excellent Activation Functions to successfully conduct any Stock Deep Learning Artificial Neural Network. Distributions Number 4 to 8 are also good Advanced Optimized Activation Functions. Generally, this research revealed that the Advanced Optimized Activation Functions satisfied Jameel’s ANNAF Stochastic Criterion depends on the Referenced Purified AI Data Set, Time Change and Area of Application which is against the existing “Trial and Error “and “Arbitrary Assumptions” of Sigmoid, Tanh, Softmax, ReLu, and Leaky ReLu.