The Study on Translation of Culture-loaded Words in Aerial ChinaⅠ- Jiangxi from the Perspective of Semantic and Communicative Translation

  • Yang Jing Gannan Normal University, China
  • Chen Xuebin Gannan Normal University, China
Keywords: culture-loaded words, semantic translation, communicative translation


Aerial ChinaⅠ- Jiangxi has been widely accepted by foreign audiences. In this documentary, there are many culture-loaded words with Jiangxi cultural characteristics. We all know that the translation of Chinese culturally-loaded words has long been a tricky problem. Take the translation of culture loaded words in Aerial ChinaⅠ- Jiangxi as an example, this paper discusses how Newmark's communicative translation and semantic translation theory are applied to the translation of Chinese culture loaded words. It is considered that semantic translation and communicative translation are not completely opposite but complement each other. Good translation works are usually the perfect combination of the two. In order to help translators better translate culture loaded words and achieve the real purpose of cross-cultural communication.


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